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OddCo Ltd are a UK based team of skilled individuals, experienced in the art of turning your 2D idea into a marketable 3D product. 

Specialising in illustration, 3D design, graphics, sculpting, model making and manufacture; OddCo Ltd. provide the complete design to manufacture process in one place.

'There's no such thing as a bad idea. Only a poorly executed awesome idea.'
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On sale now - Melting Zombie Candle
On sale now - Melting Zombie Candle
(21 Nov 2014)
So we’re all eagerly awaiting the Zombie Apocalypse to hurry up and get started. Then we can happily watch society crumble, whilst eating squirrel for breakfast, dossing in prison cells and bludgeoning zombie skulls with crow bars for fun…

Melting Toht Candle
Melting Toht Candle
(17 Nov 2014)
Had to keep this one under wraps for a while, but he's finally here!!

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Zombie Candle
Zombie Candle
(31 Oct 2014)
Just a sneak peek at something we will have for you very soon...
Clock Work Gnome
Clock Work Gnome
(27 Oct 2014)
Check it out - Clock Work Gnome available from Firebox...
(14 Oct 2014)
Thank's so much to all our backers for supporting our little Kickstarter project over the last month!
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